Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In the continued effort to become a multi-media conglomerate under the I,POTTER Ltd umbrella, I shot this short video a couple weeks back while throwing a few teabowls and other smalls for the last firing. In the video, I am throwing a take-gata form teabowl off the hump.

As for the way I throw, I am a natural left hander, despite 12 years of parochial school dis-education. Despite being a left hander, which I use for writing and eating, nearly everything else is done with my right hand from using a hammer to throwing a football. I have Sister Paulette to thank for this quirk. Long before I started to make pots, any potter I had seen was right handed, so when I started throwing, everyone around was also right handed, so the technique I picked up was a mixture of predominantly right handed throwing with some left handed tendencies thrown in. This may explain why I throw the way I do.

The teabowl thrown in the video is also illustrated in its finished state. The bowl was stamped while still wet and then later glazed in my temmoku and tetsu partridge feather glaze.

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