Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As any potter can attest, studio space is always being pushed to the limits of its capacity. My studio is a slightly large, 2-car garage, built under the house with an adjoining area which has a furnace/air conditioning unit and hot water heater and a small room, about 8' X 6' used as my glaze making nerve center. The open studio houses two banks of shelves, wall mounted shelving, two kilns, a slab roller, kiln shelves/posts, wedging table, clay storage, 2 - 8' tables and my wheel and ware board station near the wheel. If that sounds like a lot of stuff, though it is the bare essentials, every nook and cranny and open wall space is in use. After throwing terra cotta for 7 days, the shelves and tables are full, there are ware boards on the floor and I have quite a bit more to make. I am constantly astonished how quickly the studio fills up and even more in awe that space, really is the final frontier.

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