Friday, January 11, 2013


Illustrated is the Sakakura Shinbei XII chawan that I mentioned in the previous post. What always strikes me at first glance is that it exudes a comforting warmth and earthiness, it is like it converses the truth of what it is to be Hagi. The bowl to foot ratio and height speak of practiced perfection and a thorough understanding of the needs and use in chanoyu creating an ideal form for the eye and hand. There is a remarkable luminosity to the piece, created by the quality reddish daido clay cloaked in a thin slip with the translucent glaze over creating a tremendous depth to the surface and  painting it's comforting afterglow. I find it very interesting that three of his chawan are in the Museum of Modern Art, when I look at his work, I see the quiet and timeless nature of a chawan that is at home in the 17th century as it is a museum's showcase today.

(Used with the kind permission of a private collector)

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