Friday, April 5, 2013


Illustrated is an extremely effective and simple foot on a chawan by Sugimoto Sadamitsu (b. 1935). Though at first glance, it could seem this foot was cut in haste, the well conceived kodai compliments the cylindrical form of the chawan very well. In fact, everything about the form of this pot speaks to a tremendous economy of thought, process and execution like many of its medieval antecedents. The bowl has been created in a style that has stripped away any superfluous additions to allow the purity of form and clay to interact with the will and determination of the firing. Best known for his woodfired Shigaraki and Iga wares, Sugimoto is also a master at producing Raku chawan of sublime and beautiful simplicity, another style that relies of the simplicity of form, glaze and firing to create subtle yet effective master works. Though this foot is the model of efficiency, I cannot imagine any additions or subtractions that would improve upon what appears to be a perfect kodai for this chawan.

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