Monday, May 27, 2013


As I have mentioned before, I rarely know what will be coming my way with any advanced notice. Someone will call and say, do you think you could try to move this or that for me or sometimes, a package just arrives at the door. That was the case on Friday, while working in the studio, the UPS pulls up into the drive and the next thing you know, I am looking at a large box. I look to see who it is from and carry it upstairs to open it, though not before a quick phone call to the sender. That out of the way, I open the package to a neat Tani Seiemon Shigaraki cylinder vase and an Oribe bamboo form vase by Sato Kazuji. On Saturday I photographed the pieces and put them up on my Trocadero marketplace along with a mizusashi by Karatsu master potter, Tanaka Sajiro which arrived earlier in the week. It is rare to know what will be coming in, but usually, I know that something is on its way.
Illustrated is the E-Garatsu mizusashi by Tanaka Sajiro and it and the other pieces can be seen by going to my Trocadero website;

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