Monday, July 28, 2014


Illustrated is a rather simple, even straight forward guinomi by veteran Iga potter; Kojima Kenji. The piece was thrown with a slight amount of rhythm layered into the surface, a practical foot and the rest was done by knowing where and how to fire the pot, after all, location is king. It may sound simplistic and obvious but each and every pot fired in yakishime style has to have its location and form well thought out prior to and during the loading process. Any well made piece can be fired willy-nilly, but the best show that their placement was thought out as to wrestle the absolute best from both pot and firing. I have seen quite a number of pots by Kojima Kenji and for the majority of his work, it is obvious that each piece, no matter how seemingly insignificance, receives the attention it deserves to be the best it can be and this simple guinomi is no exception. As I reflect on the wood fire potters that I most admire, it is perhaps this quality that is a common denominator that sets apart those who truly understand their kiln and firing and it shows on nearly every pot that they fire.

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