Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It was just about one year ago that pottery lost another great way too early. On November 20, 2013, Kirk Mangus (1952-2013) passed away rather unexpectedly leaving a void at Kent State University, among the wood fired community and with family and friends. I knew Kirk and it was his teaching style and ability that drew me to the KSU masters program. He was a driving task master who was always willing to teach, share and help with a clever smirk and a depth of knowledge and ability. Many of his pots shared the cast of thousands of characters that swirled about in his head and just as many found their way on to paper in a graphic and playful manner. Kirk was direct, as were his pots and his firings in electric, gas, wood and salt but he will be truly remembered for his pursuit and dedication to wood firing and the wood firing community. He is sorely missed by anyone he came in contact with.
Illustrated is a large, heavily carved and unfinished pot by Kirk Mangus. Ready to be wood fired it reminds me of all the pots he made and all the pots he was yet to make.

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