Monday, November 17, 2014


Like a number of locations today, it is a dreary, overcast, snowy, rainy day here in the central Mohawk Valley with temperatures hovering just above freezing. Add to the bleak weather the fact that a package was absolutely, positively supposed to arrive today but did not make its destination and you have some of the components for another slow blue Monday. Despite various tasks at hand and some well chosen music, today has somewhat mimicked the weather making for a slow Monday. To brighten the mood a bit, illustrated is a vibrant, bright blue Persian influenced tile by Ningen Kokuho, Kato Takuo. Framed and matted by pale blue-grey fabric, the painting can transport the viewer to another time and place with ease and this is just one of the gifts of this master of Toruko-ao style work. I am always amazed at how quickly a good pot can clear the mind and change a mood.
A novel twist on NEW ODRER's BLUE MONDAY;

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