Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I received a group of catalogues the other day and have been going through them as time allows. Last night I was flipping through one and came across this mizusashi, I really was drawn to the surface and the form and posture along with the well made and placed marks around the body. I glanced down at the caption and was rather surprised at the maker, though I will say that it clearly reads, KARATSU MIZUSASHI and though I am aware of the potters diversity, I must admit this one caught me a bit off guard. After studying the piece for a bit and really taking stock of the form and the knob, it became rather clear what I was looking at though admittedly at first glance I was leaning more toward Nakazato Muan or some other Karatsu master. This one clearly goes in the "you never know exactly what to expect" column as implausible as it may seem, Arakawa Toyozo would not have been my first guess and likely not my second one either.
(BTW, don't blame the bad and curved photo if you didn't recognize this pot right away!)

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