Wednesday, July 15, 2015


If you take a strong and sturdy form and the use of two straightforward glazes, in this case black and iron red, a bit of wax and an unfettered design you can be mislead into thinking that there is little exceptional going on. However as you look at the work of Morino Taimei nothing could be further from the truth as his elemental forms and simple design and execution create objects of sophistication and contemplative beauty who along with the late Miyashita Zenji create wondrous sculptural ceramics that use organic and even asymmetrical decoration on geometric and rigid forms. Morino creates these geometric forms entirely by hand, choosing to hand build from the ground up; the piece rises with precise lines and curves later to be glazed and decorated in a manner which both compliments and disturbs the continuity  of the piece. When added together, form, decoration and texture create a visual and lyrical poem that yields new nuances at each and every viewing.
"At ubi materia, ibi Geometria."  ("Where there is matter, there is geometry."),
Johannes Kepler

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