Monday, February 22, 2016


Illustrated is a large samurai on horseback bronze by the multi-talented Tsukigata Nahiko. Obviously sculpted in clay and then cast in bronze, the figure is of famous Sengoku-jidai feudal warrior, Ouchi Yoshioki (1477-1528). The bronze was cast in several pieces, then assembled and patinated to give it an antique feel while high lighting the figure in full Samurai armor, even the sword handle, armor plates, flowing tie from the eboshi and the heraldic mon on the haori are captured in detail. Tsukigata was well known for his limited bronzes as well as his public commissions, some quite large, among his subject matter there are a number of heroic Samurai figures, religious figures including Fudo-myoo and his creative depictions of shishi. Irrespective of the material, clay, bronze, sumi or wood, Tsukigata has an innate appreciation and understanding of the materials and wrestles to get the most out of each.
A short account of Ouchi Toshioki can be read on Wikipedia but there is far more depth to his history than is available at this single source;

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