Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Thrown, formed, paddled and scrapped, this squared kinuta mallet vase is a classic form made by the late Bizen potter, Kaneshige Michiaki. Though very similar to a mallet by the same artist that I put up a while back, this one is close but shows some differences that distinguish the forms and the surfaces show similar styles of creating fire color, the effects however paint a different picture. This well conceived exercise in geometry crisply intersecting showing a great deal more control in squaring up the base and neck. The four singular planes define each side allowing for the kiln to create surfaces that wrap around sharp edges and create a more harmonious vessel. The flashes of fire color within the resisted areas and the fine white stones peaking through the clay add to the visual appeal of the pot which could only be improved upon with a well thought out floral arrangement to complete the vase.

For Wednesday, BRAND NEW DAY by Sting;

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