Wednesday, June 1, 2016


At first glance I am sure most will think this is a simple design created by wax resist which in an odd way is partially the truth, the design is actually inlaid into the temmoku using an Oribe style glaze. The bowl was first glazed over in my temmoku and then the entire surface was covered over in a very thin coat of wax. Once the wax was dry, the design was carved out and then the Oribe glaze was brushed over filling in the excised channels of the design and the rest was resisted by the wax. This of course is a rather old technique but the line it creates is very different than simply using wax resist and easier to control and create rather intricate patterns, textures and designs. If memory serves me, I first used this approach way back at Plattsburgh State (1989) and I have been using it ever since, it is always a bonus to have the ability to create a singular design in a wide array of technique, it just makes life that much easier.

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