Monday, July 18, 2016


I am not sure if you are familiar with the Japanese publication, magazine called "THE MINGEI" but it is an informative and educational view into the folk art of Japan all packed in to around 80 or so pages. I have a number of issues of the publication and from time to time I am able to get a few more and recently this copy showed up. I was immediately struck by this wonderful Kawai Kanjiro press molded covered box. Glazed in stark white and iron brown the rich design flows about the surface demanding your full attention while sparking the sub-conscious into a series of association, some you are probably unaware that you possess. The beauty of this design is how it is many things to many people but likely to Kawai, it was a simple design to fill space and articulate the form, to my eye it is just like Rorschach evolved into three dimension. This pot is a fitting cover shot for a magazine the remains true to the ideals of the people's art.

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