Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Recently my wife received an email with the attached photo of a lip bowl that I had made some time back. This bowl was made as a small family use bowl, thrown out of stoneware, altered just a bit, than stamp impressed on the four sides and glazed in my temmoku and medieval green glazes. I am always pleased to see my pots, or any handmade pots in use, completing the purpose of the piece. While I will say I have never been in a hurry to use chawan that I have collected, my pottery is meant to be strictly functional objects and if in the process, someone considers them attractive and decorative that is fine by me. What I have concluded over the years is that there is nothing more comforting, satisfying even than a table set in thoughtfully and well crafted handmade pottery and hopefully you agree as well.

(Photo provided by R&K M.)

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