Monday, July 31, 2017


I received this large and  imposing Oribe mizusashi by long time Mino potter, Hayashi Shotaro on Saturday, a collector friend has been downsizing for a number of years and thought this was next in line. Thrown out of a fine Mino clay, much of the surface was aggressively and confidentally cut, even ripped away to create a surface of wonderful flat planes and rough areas of faceted clay which was then glaze in Hayashi's rich Oribe glaze. The surface shows a profound array of tonal variations with areas of deep greens and thinner areas showing almost to the buff of the clay. The lid is thrown and also cut away to create a well matched surface and angular and purposeful knob and sits wonderfully in the deep set recess which also plays host to several deep green drips that are suspended defying both gravity and time. I took a group of photos and built a slideshow video of this piece and hopefully captured the strength and power of the mizusashi which still bares its exhibition sticker on the bottom of the pot.

You can see more of this oribe mizusashi over on my Trocadero marketplace page;

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