Friday, November 23, 2012


I fired off the first group of squared teabowls in kaku-gata style with the cut square feet last weekend. They were glazed in a variety of glaze combinations ; tetsu-yu and temmoku, iron yellow and alkaline clear, haiyu and temmoku and medieval green and temmoku. Each presents a very different appearance, though the form s are all very close to about the same in shape and size with a little variances between them. I put two of the first bowls up on my Trocadero market place on Monday and they can be seen here;
Illustrated is a stoneware teabowl, first thrown round and then paddled and the edges lightly rasped to define the form. First a white slip, then wax resist with black over and once bisque, glazed in my medieval green and temmoku. The use of the spirali e tagli design, compliments the individual panels that frame the form of the teabowl squared (teabowl²).