Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It is funny how things start and despite the purpose, the origin of a piece sticks with you. I have always made covered pieces, including small covered boxes and the like all the way back to my CSU days. Just after I left CSU and set up my Hillbrook studio, I was making small covered box forms when a client asked me for something a bit specific. What she wanted was small covered boxes with a pre-determined diameter, that resembled tops (upside down mind you), that were brightly decorated and had the interiors covered in gold gilt. As I was to find out the boxes were to be gifts for Hanukkah and would be filled with Hanukkah gelt chocolate coins. The chocolates are wrapped in gold foil wrappers and resemble gold coins and commonly come in little mesh bags but my customer wanted to put them in something a bit fancier so I set about making a dozen of them for her, several which found their way to Israel and France. I have made them ever since, more specifically as small decorative covered boxes, but the origin of this little pot has never left me and even makes me a bit nostalgic for those days making pots in my basement in good old Cleveland.

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