Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I was recently asked if I had any durable, functional glazes that were good on stoneware at cone 9/10 with the thought of using washes and/or glazes over them. What I came up with is two glazes I have used quite a bit over time and both have proved to be very easy to use and look good with decoration over them.

The first glaze is rather famous and was acquired from Warren MacKenzie when I worked with him back in 1992. It is his famous Oatmeal glaze;

WM OATMEAL Cone 9/10
Talc 7.5
Custer Spar 50
Cal. Ball Clay 21
Kaolin 6
Whiting 7.5
Gerstley Borate 9

First off, I know it does not come up to 100%, just live with it, it works and is a very nice matt glaze that is very forgiving. It looks great with red iron, cobalt and black iron washes over it as well as in conjunction with other glazes.

The second glaze is Sandy’s Gold. I must confess, I don’t know who Sandy is (or was), but the glaze is a smooth buttery glaze that really looks great with washes over or under it. Thank you Sandy.............

SANDY’S GOLD Cone 9/10
Custer Spar 41.8
Whiting 17.5
Kaolin 13
Flint 27
Rutile 4
Red Iron Oxide 4

The pot illustrated is a covered serving bowl with Sandy’s Gold and a thinned cobalt wash over the glaze. The glaze breaks nicely over high points and sharp lines and feels great to the touch.

Though there is a myriad of glazes out there, I choose these two because of their ease of use, adaptability, easy to obtain materials and economy or the materials as well. Overall, two very usable glazes that won’t let a potter down.

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