Friday, July 16, 2010


Every once in a while, I will take a 15 minute block of time to make something I have been thinking about or doodling. The 15 minutes includes; wedging, throwing, addressing, slipping, tooling, the whole shabang from start to finish. The objective is that it doesn’t give me any time to over think or over fuss with the pot.

The pot I just finished is based on a Karatsu vase that I have long admired. It was thrown in 3 lbs. of clay and was then hit with the heat gun, the foot rolled, the pot slipped and combed and then small lugs put on. Certainly not a masterpiece, but it addresses the swiftness that I would like the pot to espouse. I guess after I work on the idea for a while and make a bunch, I can get it to where I want it to go. The reality is that now that I have a stepping stone to work with. I have already started to modify the original design and have “transmogrified” the original idea into a more exaggerated covered form.

Once it gets biqued, I will glaze it in my temmoku and haiyu glazes and if it comes out, will post it up at a later date. Don’t hold your breath……………

(For those not experienced using a heat gun to dry a pot, practice is necessary to get it just right. The use of a heat gun can lead to warping and cracking, so remember, I warned you! Please use you heat gun responsibly and don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while using your heat gun.)

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