Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As I am working in a new cycle, I have decided to limit the number of bowls I make for the next firing to see how I can manage the kiln space without those ubiquitous forms. I have already thrown a group of 12” U bowls and that is where I draw the line, well maybe a teabowl or two and who knows what else could come up, maybe a last minute order (one can hope). I guess the cards will fall as they may.

The reason for this restriction on bowls is that it has occurred to me what a large percentage bowls are of my total output. Though I make a lot of covered jars, lidded serving pieces, plates, teapots, bottles and vases, bowls seem to be the ever present form that helps plan and fill each kiln, fill orders, fill commission orders and are special ordered. I make a wide variety of bowls as teabowls, soup bowls, catch all bowls, pasta bowls, wall bowls, salad bowls and every other bowl you can think of including popcorn bowls. They are not all round, some are lobed, squared, faceted, pierced and so on, but they are still bowls.

After the countless thousands of bowls I have made, you would think I would be tired of making such forms, but honestly no. Like any other form, the bowl makes for a rich surface and space to work with. In reality, were would we be without bowls? They have served man well for thousands of years and the bowl is certainly far better off being of any form of handmade pottery than out of some vacuum injected plastic or other lifeless material. I am glad I make bowls and maybe will make a few more to fill the nooks and crannies of my next firing……………..

(One set of four temmoku and medieval green soup bowls from the last firing)

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