Tuesday, September 7, 2010


While in Japan I was fortunate to see a demo by Koie Ryoji. In the demo he threw a bottomless rough cylinder and when it firmed up just a bit, he cut it off the wheel, cut through on side and stretched it out to make a long, flatish “slab” plate. It was a very interesting use of the wheel.

I have used the same technique on and off for some time and have also at times taken it just a bit further. Once I have thrown the cylinder, without any tools and leaving rough throwing marks, I wait for the clay to firm up and then cut it into five or six equal pieces. I then occasionally add feet and have a set of matched plates. The throwing marks and some added distress to the surface makes for very tactile and user friendly pieces. I use my Oribe glaze quite a bit with this technique, but also works well with ash or amber glazes.

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