Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Illustrated is a tokkuri by Ema Hiroshi (b.1953). Ema studied in Bizen and now works in Honju. Using indigenous clays from the area and making Someya-yaki, Ema is committed to make simple and traditional wares almost as a counterpoint to our modern age. This piece and all of his work is fired in a large or medium sized wood fired anagama. More of his works can be seen at the website;

What drew me to this piece is the ancient Sueki tokkuri form and the banding of varying hi-iro colors that circle the base and foot of the piece. This modern rendition of an ancient form is timeless, inviting and comforting and shows the essentials of form without any superfluous additions. One of the real pleasures of this piece is the warmth it exudes while being used and the sound of the sake as it pours out of the mouth. It reminds me of a babbling brook breaking over small rocks. It is quite wonderful how such a simple hand made object can bring a certain amount of solace to a hectic environment.

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