Friday, November 26, 2010


A pair of earthenware teabowls by Georgia potter and educator; Ron Meyers. Deftly animated painted designs of a large fat cat and a fleet footed rodent making its hasty retreat decorate these bowls which though not intended as a set, certainly work as a pair and found themselves in a private collection. This pair was actually collected two years apart, but do seem to work so well together.

Using local red earthenware, a thin dryish white slip, underglaze pigments and a very thin clear glaze, Meyers works his magic at cone 03 and animates his pottery with florid images of animals and nudes. He does seem to be particularly fond of fish, rabbits, cats, chickens, hogs and the female nude as they make their way on his oxidation and wood fired pots quite frequently. It seems his pots always have a story to tell…………….

(From a private collection)

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