Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In recent weeks, I have been working on various ash glaze tests as they apply to the type of work I am doing now. Some batches of ash are good, other not so much and filled with contaminants such as too much iron, copper and bone ash. This got me thinking about altering a couple of glazes I have used in the past, some rather drastically.

As I am altering these glazes, I thought I would share the originals; all are for Cone 9/10 and I am not sure of their exact origins;

Ash 50
F-4 25
OM10 25
Cobalt Carb. 1
Rutile 5

Ash 30
Soda Spar 30
Kaolin 30
Dolomite 25
Flint 10
Whiting 5

Illustrated, is my first and still best ash glaze on a bamboo form vase. I have used this glaze since 1990 and it has served me well. It does run as you can see, so glazing up to the foot and inside the foot can be tricky, but the results are worth it in my book.

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