Friday, February 4, 2011


For anyone following or reading my blog and website, it must be apparent; my photographic skills are less that I would like them to be. For many of my pots, the glazes surfaces are a bit more complex that my photographs may convey. With my new partridge feather glaze, I have been trying to capture what it really looks like in person and maybe this close-up does the job. The glaze is very runny and where it terminates it rolls and also creates large droplets which cling to the pieces. As you can see, it has a variety of copper and iron tones and looks great over my temmoku glazes.

To finish out the week, I thought I would respond to a query regarding Albany Slip glazes. A potter emailed and asked if I had a good Albany Slip replacement glaze. I am unsure where this formula originates from, but it is a really great glaze;

Alberta Slip 33
Custer Spar 20
Flint 14
Wollastonite 13
Whiting 7
Gerstley Borate 3
Kaolin 3
Yellow ochre 7
Bent 6

To be fair, I have modified this glaze (NAC 11-17) for my own use a bit and add some Red Art and a bit of wood ash to the recipe for more interest. It is worth playing with.

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