Friday, April 1, 2011


“The beauty of modern art and craft is based on simplicity, clarity and refinement. These are my guiding principles in my everyday creations. “ *

This quote is by Ando Moriyuki (b. 1944) a veteran of the Mino ceramic scene whose works tend to revolve around Oribe ash glazed kairagi (crawling) pottery. Though this is one of his specialties, he also is well versed in traditional Shino, Oribe, Ki-Seto and ash glazed wares. His forms are rather diverse, making everything from tea utensils to large bowl forms and is well know for his highest level faceted bowls and open tsubo which have been exhibited at several national craft exhibits.

Illustrated is a pot that adheres to Ando’s precepts in regards to making pottery. This vase is a simple and noble kinuta mallet form with Ando’s Oribe style haiyu-kairagi glaze which has been fired in a wood kiln. Despite the simplicity of form, the faceted planes together with the highly active surface make for a very complex vessel, one that gives the viewer a lot to take in and even more to think about. There certainly is a lot to be said for simplicity, clarity and refinement. (*Quoted from MINO; 30 Anniversary DMCAA)

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