Monday, April 25, 2011


I fired off the glaze kiln last Thursday and finally got it cool enough to unload by late Friday. Overall the firing was pretty good, though it was pretty hot at the top of the kiln and some pieces ran a little, at least not off the pot, except one larger covered jar. As my wife remarks, I need more glaze diversity in the kiln as this one was mostly temmoku and partridge feather iron with a few medieval green and haiyu pieces mixed in. I get in the groove of working with a new glaze combo and tend to forsake other possibilities.

The larger pieces and all of the serving bowls came out rather well, excepting the one runner. There was another very seriously close call on a larger covered jar as the glaze ran all the way to the foot and just crested the angle where the foot touches the shelf, but there it stayed.

Illustrated is wespeglas covered jar about 14” with long cascading trails of the partridge feather glaze over my temmoku. The close-up illustration is a group of three “lip-bowls” in the same glaze combination with pulled lips and stamped decoration around the bowls.

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