Monday, May 2, 2011


I have a friend who has been collecting mostly Japanese art since the 70s. Recently, he moved from a fairly large and spaceous home to a much smaller one. This reduction in wall space and storage space has led him to seriously down size his collection and that includes lots of pots. Over the years, he had collected mostly modern Japanese pottery, with a concentration on Hagi and he has had me sell a number of the pieces on my Trocadero website. In fact, most of the Hagi-yaki sold on my site have been from his collection.

He recently decided to part with several more Hagi chawan by a diverse group of potters; Yamanae Seigan, Mashita Tadashi, Tanomura Shogetsu II and Kaneta Sanzaemon VII. I have put these pieces up on my website and invite you to take a look at your leisure;

As collectors, we never really own things. Rather we are caretakers and conservators of these objects, insuring they are passed along in the condition we acquire them, or in restored condition. All objects move about in time and this down sizing collector is setting these in motion to find a new resting spot with new collectors who will care for them, appreciate them and have their own dialogue with them.

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