Friday, August 12, 2011


I first came in contact with the Shino pottery of Sakai Kobu back in the mid to late 90s. I was immediately struck by his unique approach to Shino and his patented Kobu-Shino glaze. Given one’s point of reference, it is possible to see almost anything within the glaze, though the surfaces and decorations are based on Japanese traditional archetypes. Since my first contact, I have watched as the works became more loose and soft in appearance and the surfaces just seemed to become more and more drifting and nebulous.

Fast forward to about two years ago, I came into contact with this new Sakai Kobu chawan. I enjoyed having it around for a short while and tried to learn all I could from it, but like many pots, it went off to another home. With its recent return, I decided to try to make a short video of this chawan and try to capture the ethereal, nebulous nature of the piece.

You can see more pictures of this chawan at the attached link;

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