Monday, October 3, 2011


If every pot and potter has something to say, what does this Tsukigata Nahiko have to tell us? In most of Tsukigata’s Oni-Shino pottery, there is an aggressive battle played out between the glazes and the encompassing fury of the fire. These pots have a masculine, bushi like (samurai) nature dependant on the past, but essentially timeless. The shape of the chawan hovers, raised up on it well addressed kodai, inviting it to be handled and studied. The landscaped surface bares witness to the epic struggle of its fierce battle with the anagama like a badge of honor. I suspect, this chawan has a lot to say, conversant in a differing dialogue with each individual who views it.

As I study this bowl more, I am reminded of the Zen maxim;

(“If you grasp this, your study will be complete…………”)

It will be a while before my study is complete.

You can see more pictures of this chawan over on my marketplace website;

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  1. Very nice chawan. Tsukigata was an amazing potter. Unfortunately his pottery is rarely seen for sale and prices seem to be going up rapidly