Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever so often I think back to all those years in front of the TV looking for forms to “recreate”. One of the shows that was a constant influence was the genie’s bottle from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (1965-1970). It has a definte graceful form and scale and the fact that Barbara Eden lived inside, didn’t hurt my recollection of the bottle either. Since I began making pottery, the genie bottle has worked its way into my vocabulary of forms, from the near identical copy to bottles loosely based on the idea.

Illustrated is a recent genie’s bottle form, about 13” tall with a series of rings around the form and decorated in my temmoku and medieval green glazes. Where the sharp angles are created, the glaze pools around the mouth and body forming think green glass, very much like bidoro. As far as my pottery goes, quite a bit of my work is hopelessly influenced by television and movies with a keen interest in turning the 2-dimensional images into 3-D reality.

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  1. This is a nice form for the glazes to break against and you bring back memories to me of I Dream of Jeannie.