Friday, December 2, 2011


It has been a while since I have worked in the style I refer to as rozome. I tend to go off with something new and many times, forget the established style until an order, inquiry or commission comes my way. Now for those wondering why I use the term rozome, mostly associated with wax resisted fabrics that was actually where the idea came from many years back while strolling the streets of Kyoto. We saw an exhibit and demonstration of rozome and I was immediately drawn to the directness and immediacy of the process. The actual term for wax resist on ceramics is ronuki, of which Kawai Kanjiro was the undisputed master of the 20th century. The other reason I have stuck with the term rozome is that once the wax is applied, the “background” color is then applied, much the way in which I work; this is applied to the raw clay with slips and wax allowing the heat of the bique kiln to remove the wax. I know the same can be said for ronuki as well. In the end, toe-may-toes, toe-mah-toes.

Illustrated is a stoneware rozome influenced jar and shallow wall bowl both with spirali e tagli designs under my medieval green glaze.

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