Monday, January 30, 2012


There is a wide variety of styles and possible inspirations when thinking about teapots, from historical to the whimsical. Alice In Wonderland and the numerous interpretations of the story come to mind with the fantastical tea party held by the Mad Hatter. In making teapots for quite a long while, there are those pots that stem from such inspiration and become a mainstay in the vocabulary of forms that I use. The "cottage" teapot that I make is just such a piece. The style of this pot evolved from fantasy to function with an emphasis on keeping some fun visual appeal. The illustrated cottage teapot has a broad, stable foot and a handle and spout that serve to help animate the rotund form. The pot is glazed in a rich iron glaze with an oilspot style spiral decoration that reminds me of the opening credits to Irwin Allen's TV series; The Time Tunnel. It would seem, everything comes back to those years glued in front of the TV set!


  1. Beautiful teapot. Do you have problems with a twist in the spout after firing or do you compensate for that with a little twist in the opposite direction?

  2. I give the spout a slight twist in the opposite direction. Once you know your clay, it is somewhat easy to adjust the degree of twist.