Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Illustrated is the interior of a chawan made by Furutani Michio sometime between 1975 and 1985. The entire chawan is covered in a wet coat of glassy green ash and the interior has a very even coat of glass with one area of thick bidoro, where the ash has pooled. In order to get this particular surface, the pot is plucked from the intense heat of the kiln and allowed to cool quickly, allowing the ash to maintain its brilliant green glassy quality. It is no small wonder why Furutani Michio was so highly regarded for his Iga and Shigaraki works, his splendid firings and his knowledge and mastery of kilns and kiln building.  I am constantly amazed to see the ash, frozen in that moment it is pulled out of the kiln which stands testament to the potter's mastery of his craft and his exceptional timing.

You  can see more of this chawan over on my Trocadero website;

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