Monday, June 11, 2012


I received several pieces on Saturday to put up on my Trocadero website. The pottery collector, who's collection is 99% British and American pottery, decided to part with his Japanese pots to focus on his primary field of interest. There are three pots, all Mino tradition pieces; an exceptional Shino vase by Hayashi Shotaro, and elegant Shino hanaire by Ando Hidetaka and a modern Oribe chawan by Tsukamoto Haruhiko. All three are wonderful pieces and both the Hayashi and Tsukamoto show what modern twists can be applied to Momoyama pottery.

Illustrated on the left is a ovoid, paddled Shino vase by Ando Hidetaka and on the right is a powerful Momoyama influenced vase by Hayashi Shotaro. Either would make exceptional display pieces in a tokonoma alcove or in a tea room, yet both would be right at home in any setting East or West. You can see more of these two pieces and the Tsukamoto chawan at my webstore;

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