Monday, July 23, 2012


I'll start off by saying, this is not a beer commercial, rather just a blogger sharing an experience with a beer. About a year or so ago we were at our local beer store, not quite in the league of those in Cleveland, but well stocked none the less. We were on a beer run for Negra Modelo, Sapporo and some Sam Adams and while looking around spotted a few beers by the Wells & Young's brewing Co. in the UK. What caught my eye was the Banana Bread Beer and we bought it on a lark and the fact that it seemed to come highly recommended. My personal love of lemon and banana flavored foods lead me to hope that this would satisfy the palette and it didn't disappoint.  At 5.2% alcohol and served very cold, the crisp banana after taste is exceptionally pleasing and I recommend this to anyone who has a similar interest. It is especially rewarding after a good work out or a long day making, throwing pots.

Illustrated is a 4-Pack of the Wells & Young's Banana Bread beer with the requisite ceramic beer glass by Ryan Bothamley, which was a gift while I was teaching at Wesleyan Potters in CT. The stoneware glass was fired in a makeshift soda kiln which was reconstructed out of an old gas kiln and a handful of fire bricks.

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