Wednesday, August 1, 2012


At almost any level, it is hard to think of hydrogen as a finite material since it is about 75% of all the known  material in the universe, but, the reality check is, that it is. In essence, the material that we all take for granted, is the fuel of everything, it is the virtual energy of stars ( and nearly everything else as well). As a potter, I have really not given hydrogen much thought, but it is part of everything I do, from the making to the "baking" of pottery. Without it, there would be vast nothingness and according to scientists, that is exactly what will happen in the distant future. As the hydrogen is finally depleted, stars will die and implode, everything will end. To paraphrase physicist Brian Cox, as this happens, "nothing will happen and will continue to happen for all eternity". Why the sobering thought? Why not, its Wednesday.

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