Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We woke early, though sleeping through the howling freight train gale of Sandy was tenuous at best. Our quest was to go out and find some ice as we had been without any electricity for nearly 12 hours and we had a freezer and frig full of perishables. Ice and coffee secured, the winds now diminished, continue to blow, spreading debris, leaves, branches, trees and misc. everywhere. As we arrive back home, the sun is trying its best to peak through the angry clouds with flocks of geese making their way southward as a solitary large badger skulks back toward the woods, his nocturnal foraging interrupted by the rudeness of Sandy.
We had taken the precaution of packing the freezer with jugs of water, now frozen and added bags of ice to the refrigerator, hoping that power will be restored soon. All in all, despite downed trees; home, studio and car rode out the storm and have fared well. The convoys of power grid bucket trucks and utility vans headed east, give some solace that the power outage is being addressed. I am rather tired of all the storms we have gone through in a number of locations and moves ago and I am seriously wondering if there are any abandoned nuclear missile silos within commute of my wife's work. After all, potters can work just about anywhere.
(This was written at 7am on the morning of 10/30/2012)
As a postscript, the power finally came on at about 1pm (10/30). I had decided to begin glazing on another kiln load of pots in the semi-darkness and the addition of lights was more than appreciated. Food stuffs in freezer and frig also fared well thanks to some careful planning. As one can imagine, life without electricity has its pitfalls, but I must admit, I certainly got more stuff done this morning than is normally possible with the distractions of computer, CD player, TV and hot water!

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