Monday, December 10, 2012


Over the 20th century, there have been a number of ceramic artists who were so much more than that. Working across a variety of art and craft, people such as Takeuchi Seiho, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Kawakita Handeishi, Arakawa Toyozo and Tsukigata Nahiko  created works in ceramics, bronze, painting/calligraphy and lacquer. Today when I think of a multi-discipline potter, I think of Tsujimura Shiro (b.1947) with his wonderful pottery across a breathe of traditions and styles and his creative approach to calligraphy and painting. Many of Tsujimura's paintings have a rather evocative, contemplative atmosphere to them with traits reminiscent of the Momoyama era suiboku painters.  Like his pottery, the ink works of Tsujimura have a visceral impact and an introspective beauty to them.
Illustrated is a wonderful photo of the multi-talented artist/potter, Tsujimura Shiro "painting" large scale calligraphies at an exhibition at Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts in New York. The photo was taken by passionate collector and President of the Japanese Art Society Of America, Susan Peters. The exhibit showcased Tsujimura's pottery and was accompanied by his shoga (callagraphic art) and in the background of the photo you can see two large vases by Tsujimura. With a bold and instant flourish the calligraphy appears though it was roughly 65 years in the making.

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