Monday, February 13, 2012


I have always been fascinated by the methodical and thorough documentations carried out by NASA satellites and probes (though NASA's future is now in grave jeopardy from my perspective) as mankind pushes further and further out into space. As these probes, flyby, they take hundreds to thousands of images to accurately reflect the object in three dimension, topography and volume. The photographic documentation used by NASA has been an inspiration on my personal work ethic, regarding photographing pots that I am able to study and handle. I document these pots with a myriad of pictures, trying to capture all their details, their volume and space that they command as a three dimensional object. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I am also always trying to expand my skill set and recently turned my attention to building video slide shows. This first video slide show documents a mentori Oribe chawan by Kowari Tetsuya. The chawan can be seen in a short article I wrote on Kowari-san here;

Please bear in mind, this is my first attempt at this and I aimed at portraying the chawan, just like NASA portrays a tumbling asteroid. I hope this conveys the detail, attitude, volume and dimension of the piece.