Friday, May 4, 2012


"The source of my work is found in the role that pots perform within the household." Michael Simon from the book; EVOLUTION

Illustrated is a small and animated covered box by Michael Simon. This pot was wood fired and lightly salted, accentuating  the form and the spiraling decoration painted on the piece in his trademark black pigment. At first glance, the question of use arises, what place would this pot play in a home and then, as if struck by a bat, the mind reels at the possibilities. Through the millennia vessels of containment have paved the way for our futures; safeguarding food, seeds, medicines and a variety of essentials necessary for both short and long term existence. This small covered pot is a link in a timeline of such vessels and as such, stands out of time and can be viewed in the same manner in another hundred years. As with many simple pots, it is amazing the bridge they construct between past and present and lidded vessels made from country to country and culture to culture over vast expanses of time.