Friday, October 19, 2012


Over the number of trips we have taken to Japan, one of our go-to places was always Shigaraki. We were fortunate to meet with a number of the Shigaraki and local potters over the years and in doing so, we always made a point of visiting with Tani Seiuemon (b.1913-d.?). His studio was not far at all from the train station and he had a wide array of Ko-Shigaraki style pottery which he was dedicated to producing. His pots were warm, genuine and inviting. Having built an anagama in the early 1970's, his work maintained a consistent medieval quality to it and from my perspective, his work is easy to recognize. Together with his son, the current Seiuemon, the studio produced everything from utilitarian pots to those for tea ceremony. Illustrated are three Ko-Shigaraki style kogo made by Tani-san and given to my wife and I over three trips to his studio, each with their own box and wrapped to survive their trip back to the US. We could not have asked or dreamt of a finer presento from our visits to Shigaraki and the home and studio of Tani-san.