Friday, January 4, 2013


With the odds and ends thrown, decorated and fired, the last kiln for 2012 was fired about two weeks ago. I packed up and shipped out the few last minute Holiday commission and completed the few small bowls and plates that Mindy had asked for. It has been a good long while since I made a set of anything matching for us, the bulk of our dinnerware and every day pottery is a mixed bag. In fact, the set I just made was meant to replace a set made back around 1995/96. Over the years of intense use, packing and moving and every day mishaps, they all showed there age and needed replacing. Along with the commissions and our pieces, I made several vases and a mirror set of an order to hedge my bets and to have a few of the Falling Leaves pottery sitting around. My next cycle will start on Monday and I am a bit relieved to move back to stoneware after nearly 3 months of terra cotta work.
Illustrated is a set of three Falling Leaves patterned terra cotta pots, comprised of a large platter, a shallow wall bowl and a medium sized covered serving bowl. Though I am at times a bit gruff in regards to working in terra cotta, I am always pleased with the lush and bright colors together with the high contrast of design that I can achieve within the terra cotta temperature range.  


  1. Ohhh, beautiful! You're a very talented potter. Excellent work.