Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Illustrated is a close-up detail of underglaze yuriko copper red decoration on a very large tsubo by porcelain veteran, Yoshida Takashi. Born in Osaka in 1934, Yoshida had the great fortune to train with not one exceptional master, but three; Tomimoto Kenkichi, Kondo Yuzo and Fujimoto Yoshimichi, all three Ningen Kokuho for their porcelain works. The floral decoration stands out against the stark, pure white background and as you survey the decoration, the original brush strokes can be seen within the expanding halo of the copper red design. In areas that his brush first touched the bisque porcelain, faint green dots, punctuate the mostly red decoration. Once the pot was fully decorated, the piece was glazed over in a clear glaze, trapping the red and creating the lush and extravagant floral decoration. There is little room for error in this type of decoration which relies on spontaneity and speed to achieve its ultimate goal; yuriko!

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