Monday, March 4, 2013


Illustrated is a very large pot by internationally recognized ceramic artist, Morino Taimei (b. 1934). There is a great deal written about Morino across a variety of websites, so I will skip the accolades and focus on the pot. At over 16" tall, it is one of the largest pieces by Morino that I have seen. His choice of decoration, reaching vertically up the pot only adds to the scale and presence of this piece which has the sense of some ancient totemic stele bathed in blue, turquoise and tan tones. Named, CHUO (Listening to the Rain), this vessel won the 1993 Minister of Education Prize at the Nikko-kai Exhibit and a special notation and date inside of the box lid attests to the fact as well. Having seen a great number of pieces by Morino over the years, this particular one will rank as one of the most powerful and memorable contemporary Japanese sculptural vessel that I have encountered.

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