Wednesday, May 1, 2013


In my most recent glaze firing, the aim was to test out my latest Oribe glaze that is not based on the extinct lepidolite. I was able to make up 7000 gr. and able to glaze pots over 16" tall without the machinations necessary with the lepidolite version. The latest version has copper carbonate, a small amount of well milled black copper oxide and an equal amount of red iron to temper the glaze a bit. Unlike the lepidolite version, which has wonderful halo like effects, iridescence and rich pooling, the latest version has a very interesting if unpredictable pooling of a blue-green moss like effect where the pot is flat or where the glaze has built up to an increased thickness. What this effect does to the table is its ability to bring various marks and artifice to life and helps articulate the pot. Illustrated is the flange and lid of an Oribe style jar with impressed decorations around the pot. The high points and various marks are highlighted by the blue-green texture while the high points remain green. I think it adds a visual interest to the pot, though unintended and not totally controllable, it is welcome none the less.

More pictures of this jar can be seen on my Trocadero market place;


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