Monday, July 29, 2013


Illustrated is a simple and seductive little pot, a "feelie", by Rose Cabat (b. 1914). Currently the oldest active potter in the US, Rose Cabat is famous for the simple and puffed up small forms and her electric palette of exotic vellum glazes. This feelie, like so many, seems inflated and overflowing with dynamic tension, cloaked in an electric turquoise glaze with streaks of amber tones about the surface, the form concluding with a tiny neck and opening crowned in muted gray-black which matches the base of the pot and ties the package neatly together. In person and in the photo, this small pot reminds me of what Earth looks like from above which fits rather nicely as any good pot is its own small and wondrous universe. This pot was a gift to my wife and I from a very good friend and though it is good to have nice pots, it is even better to have great friends.

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