Friday, September 6, 2013


Illustrated is another pot from the last firing, glazed in an amber ash over temmoku combo. I have been working on getting slip thicker and at some places, the slip exceeds 0.25" by quite a bit. This cog inspired bowl was first slipped and then the texture created using an old credit card. If you look at the base of the bowl, you can see where the slip channeled running ash and created an unexpected secondary texture of a thick, rippled glaze roll. I am continuing to work on this technique, getting the slip thicker and thicker but in the back of my mind I know at some point, it will all go too far. Ultimately the slip will flake off in the bisque or shiver off after the glaze, I am just compelled to find out what that point is. I wonder if it is the technique or the potter that is thick as a brick?

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