Monday, October 7, 2013


I have been taking the time to sort through old photos, negatives and slides and getting them converted in to jpegs before they are a total loss. As I am going through the stacks and stacks of photos, I am surprised at images that I stumble on that I didn't even know exist. There are pictures of people I worked with, like; Kohyama Yasuhisa, Warren MacKenzie, Jeff Oestriech, Bill Klock, Dick Schneider, Kirk Mangus, Marie Woo, John Gill, Bill Brouillard and many, many others. There are also the pictures, thousands of them from a number of trips to Japan as well as potteries in Japan, primarily in Shigaraki/Iga, Mashiko, Hagi and Gifu (Mino). Looking at all of these photos brings back memories of wonderful places, people, pottery and even food. This is a project, long overdue, that I am glad I am finally making the time for.
Illustrated is one of those photos that I had forgotten that it existed. Actually, it was my wife who noticed this as I was flipping by negatives and suggested that we convert this one that was taken back in the 90's at Kent State. This photo was taken just as the firemouth was unbricked of the anagama at Kent State and in the picture there are several of my pieces as well as a mizusashi by Marie Woo. At the very top of the photo, within the kiln is a teabowl that was posted on my blog some time ago, see attached link. I found it rather neat to see this picture after all these years and builds a better context for the pot. Makes me wish I had taken a lot more photographs and started converting them to digital a long time ago.

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